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Nepal Glasspipes

Nepal Glasspipes – Support Nepal in Their Time of Need From within the Cannabis Community

If you never thought much about Nepal in the past, you probably do now.  I think it’s a poignant time to introduce you to Nepal Glasspipes dba Himalayan Handicrafts, a Nepalese glass blowing studio which specializes in marijuana smoking paraphernalia.

If you haven’t heard, Nepal was recently struck by a series of horrendously powerful earthquakes.  With the death toll in the thousands, and communication sparse, it is difficult to know whether or not Nepal Glasspipes is still operating.  But if they are, they could use our support now more than ever.  Those who haven’t been wiped out by the quake have been left homeless, hungry and jobless as nearly the entire country is in panic mode, scrambling to survive and maintain some semblance of “normal”.  The glass artists at Nepal Glasspipes dba Himalayan Handicrafts are no exception.

There are many things you can do to help the Nepalese people right now, including donating to any number of relief organizations.  Since we are stoners, we have a unique opportunity to both support some Nepalese artists in getting back on their feet, and getting something in return (other than brownie points).

It’s not just a good deed, the glass work of these artists is truly exquisite.  They use high quality borosilicate glass to create exotic eastern influenced cannabis paraphernalia.  Their water bongs feature wild curvaceous accents, and their chillums feature ornate delicate patterns.  Both are reminiscent of art you might find decorating a Hindu temple.

With designs emanating from the belly of the birthplace of the Buddha, if you are interested in devotional fine arts, this glass company won’t disappoint.

They offer COD shipping from Nepal all across the United States, but I won’t lie, their website is riddled with hard to understand Google translated information such as:

“We will reply you within 24 hours with detail, Then after receive your verification we will entertain that as an order receive. Order will conform only after receive the payment.”

The truth is, that while I cannot vouch for this company in particular, I can say that pretty much any money going to Nepal at this point is going for a good cause.  And if you happen to get some super beautiful glassware in the process, even better!  I myself wondered up and down the Thamel Market where their store front is many a time during my travels in The East, and the tragedies happening as we puff in our cozy lounge chairs are difficult to imagine.  So, even if you aren’t planning to order a new Nepalese bubbler, take a moment to send some prayers and good vibes their way.


Glass Pocket Pipe – Chameleon Steamroller

Best Steamroller Pipes – The Award Goes To The  Chameleon

Steamroller marijuana pipes are not for the weak. They are more or less a tractor with a enormous drum on the front and back ends, filled with liquid, and heated to a very high temperature, then driven over asphalt to flatten it – Just kidding!  It’s pipe for smoking weed!

The design, crafted to resemble the Native American “Chanupa”, features long hollow tubes with a bowl placed on top.  It supposedly resembles the wheel of a steamroller construction vehicle, but I’m not so into the name because, well, imagine how poorly a steamroller would drive if you stuck a bowl on it.  But I digress.  As I said before, steamrollers are not for the weak. Every hit is strong and powerful, and can be a little overwhelming which is apparently, part of the appeal.  Even though a steamroller is a tiny little thing, the hit you get will feel a lot like taking a hit off a waterless bong.

If you are new to steam rollers, you’ll need a brief introduction to technique.  Basically at one end you’ve got your mouth piece, and at the other, it’s more or less your carb hole.  Hold that shut while you’re puffing and once the pipe is filled with smoke, release your hand and inhale all of the smoke.

Spunky’s Glass Pipes is on online head shop where you can find sixteen different chameleon steamrollers to suit your exact style.  There is a plain clear glass one for the sleek reductionist within, the flower power for your inner hippie chic, the chiropractor for you skeleton buffs and oh so many more to let your individual freak flag fly while you get high.  But my personal fave is the one with little turtles on it.  What can I say? I’m a sucker for reptiles.

These guys are all on sale now, so if you look them up fast they’ll cost you anywhere between $11 and $50 depending on which one you choose.  They are made of thick sturdy glass and should be able to fall from about pocket height without breaking.

One nice thing about steamrollers is that if you are looking for a strong hit, but can’t lug your bong around with you all day, these things can fit clandestinely in your pocket.  If you feel most comfortable buying from a brand you already know, you can find really nice, simple, sturdy steamrollers at American Glassworks, Magic Glass, and G-Spot.