the airizer

Glass vaporizer- the Airizer

The Airizer Air Review

For those of you who have ADD and just want to know whether or not to buy Airizer’s newest model, Air, I’ll try to sum this up fast so you can move on.

Basically, if you have the solo, and you like it except that you think it’s too big, but have no other complaints, then you might want to invest in the Air.  It’s basically just a small Solo.

If you never drop things, and aren’t at all worried about having a delicate little glass mouthpiece which must be detached for storage and reattached for use, then you might want to invest in the Air.

If you don’t care so much about stealthy vaping, then the Air might be an option.  But if the idea of taking your vape out of a little case, attaching a (most likely dirty) glass mouthpiece and attaching it publically before getting high, then just stick with your firefly or whatever your vaping on right now.

Impartiality is not my greatest skill, and that’s ok for a paraphernalia reviewer.  Basically, I want to grab a small, pre-packed portable vape and throw it in my pocket.  I don’t want it to have any pieces with visible resin stains to show because the whole idea of a portable vaporizer (in my state anyway) is that every stranger on the street doesn’t realize that your actually smoking weed.  The Air kind of screams “paraphernalia” even to those estranged from the vaporizing craze.   Also, the fact that the mouthpiece has to be stored separately means that if anyone checks your pocket for any reason, this thing looks suspicious.  It’s only saving grace is that it more accurately duplicates the e-cigarette look than most portable vapes, so you could theoretically try to make the case that it’s not for weed.  But, if you packed a little nug in that little pouch, you’re out of luck.

However, if you are looking for a portable vape for your household, and  so therefore stealthiness is not your concern, it’s really not a bad vape.  If you just like to get high while cooking dinner, and you’re generally pretty careful with glass things, then you truly should consider the Air.  It has some nice features.  For one, you can use it while it’s charging.  Secondly, it has a battery which is easily switched out (as opposed to the Solo which you can only use after recharging), which is great if you are on the move and you want to be able to quickly switch out your battery.  And lastly, it has a nice temperature gradient, with 5 options.  This is nice.  I personally always use the middle setting on any vape, because I like to compromise on taste and vapor quantity and have the best of both worlds.

If I didn’t deter you too much, check out their website.


beeline hemp

Beautiful Beeline Hempwick

Beeline Hempwick – definitely a favorite

Beeline Hempwick is one of several certified 100% organic hemp wicks on the market.  I love ‘em and so will you.  You might be a hempwick connoisseur, or you might be wondering, what on earth would I do with that over priced string?

I’ll tell you.  Hempwick is not just more expensive hemp string.  Hemp wick is hemp twine coated in wax (in this case beeswax) which provides an alternative to matches and lighters and is most commonly used by marijuana enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the cleanest and purest flavor of their bowl.  As you may have noticed, using a butane lighter imparts some of that nasty butane flavor to your puff.  Although subtle, once one becomes aware of it, it’s hard to ignore it.  And it’s not just the flavor that deters one from regularly inhaling trace amounts of butane, it’s also a health issue.  Now that this healthy, organic alternative is available in nearly every headshop and multiple online stores, you can free yourself of that nasty butane taste and get with the hemp wicking.

But how?  It’s pretty simple really.  You light your hempwick with a lighter (I know, the old lighter again) and then hold the lit wick over your bowl and proceed just as if it were a lighter. One very important note is to be extremely careful to extinguish the wick after use.  Like a candle, this wick is designed to stay lit.  Think of how difficult it would be to use if it went out while you were trying to light your buds.  And it stays lit!  So avoid the temptation to take a hit and then place the wick down beside you.

If you’re anything like me, you are a chronic lighter loser and stealer.  I often come home with someone else’s lighter in my pocket and can’t for the life of me figure out where my own lighter went.  But, if you are not this guy, and you keep your lighters till their dying flame, you will be happy to hear that using hempwicks will extend the life of your lighter pretty much indefinitely.  Since you use the butane infrequently, just to ignite the hempwick, your lighter will last you years!  Keep track of your lighter by wrapping your hempwick around it.  It conveniently combines two tools which must be used in unison, keeps your hempwick from getting into a knotty bundle, and helps you indentify your lighter when you’re chilling around someone like me.

Beeline is a pretty cute brand.  They grew up in Maui and spent two years trying to create the perfect product in their parents kitchen.  Now all of their hemp comes from Eastern Europe and their products are shipped internationally.


Gaboof Alfa

Gaboof Alfa Portable Vape Review

The Gaboof Alfa is a tiny lady like stealthy little portable vape.  The Alfa is a dry herb vaporizer, that requires pretty finely ground pot.  It’s incredibly stealthy and the performance is pretty awesome.  You can get seriously nice big clouds of vapor with just a small little draw.  It’s great for sitting and puffing away.  You can get about .3 grams of ground cannabis in the oven, which isn’t huge, but you can get a pretty nice session or two on a full herb chamber.

Herb Chamber

The herb chamber, which is also the oven, has a pretty cool feature.  It has a little pin that comes up in the center and is part of the heating element.  So you have your cannabis being heated both from the outside (the walls of the oven) and a little from the inside from the protruding heating element.  This gives you nice, evenly vaporized herbs.  It also is probably why you get such a nice cloud from such a short draw, you’re getting heat from all directions.

Temperature Dial

One of the nicest features on this vape is the temperature dial.  It’s super user friendly and kind of calming.  Instead of a bunch of numbers, you have high, medium and low which corresponds to temperatures that you’ll find in the instruction manual.  Additionally, you have A/P and A/T features. You’ll get very delicious and smooth hits on the low setting, but much much more vapor on medium.  It stays pretty smooth on the medium setting until the end of the session when the vapor does start to get a little harsh.

Novelty Settings

These settings increase the temperature from low to high as you puff or as time goes by.  This gives you a range of vaporizing experiences during your session.  You start with low and get nice tasty, smooth, aromatic draws.  This is your chance to enjoy those aspects of your ganja.  After a few hits you get to medium.  At medium heat your are getting the bulk of your draws and you will have maximum vape quality.  Lots of nice cloudy vapors.  Near the end the auto by puff or by time setting will bump up to maximum heat.  This is to utilize any remaining ganja, leaving nothing behind.  Auto by puff (A/P) works on a 10 draw system.  Starting you at low and by your tenth draw you are at high.  Auto by time (A/T) goes from low to high over a period of 15 minutes.

Personally, I love this vaporizer.  It is very aesthetic and produces high quality vapor.   I’m also super into the novelty settings, they let me sort of kick back and enjoy my session without switching modes all the tim

slimline bubbler

Slimline bubbler for prep market

Slimline Bubblers from Elevate Accessories hit the preppy market

When you visit the Elevate Accessories website, the pictures boast dudes in button downs and chino’s getting high in style.  Their bubblers, clearly marketed for the connoisseur of all things fine, makes you feel as if, if you purchased this bubbler, you might get high on your back porch in some J.Crew loafers, take your golden retriever for a walk in the cool brisk autumn, then hop in your forest green Jeep to pick up your girlfriend for a fine steak dinner.  The tagline on the bubbler page is “Innovation at its finest Finally, wood and glass together! You can stop searching, you’ve found it.”  So encouraging!  How does Elevate Accessories know me so damn well?

I jest, but only because I find it interesting to witness marijuana paraphernalia specifically targeted to the ivy league crowd.  This is the perfect bubbler to accompany you while you summer in Aspen. (I imagine them saying).  Anyway, it’s good news for all potheads, sporty casual or not.  It means that the taboo of marijuana culture is shedding away more and more, and even Abercrombie has to share their private stock of models with an online head shop.  It’s like that great moment at the end of Superbad when the two friends declare their love for one another “I want to shout it from the rooftops!”.  And now, all the preppy dudes I puffed with in high school, who had to keep it under wraps lest they lose their place on the student council and compromise their entry to their school of choice, can finally shout it from the rooftops “I smoke weed and I love it!”

Yet again I digress.  Let’s focus for a moment on the bubbler. I must admit, it’s a beautiful piece with an incredibly unique and classy design.  The wood glass combo is appealing and it will look nice on your shelf, or in your hand.  They offer three different types of wood with distinctly different colors; burl, african blackwood and osage.  Depending on your wood of choice you’ll spend between $200.00 and $230.00 which will even qualify you for free international shipping if you happen to be abroad (did somebody say semester abroad?).

Elevate Accessories are a small business which operates and manufactures domestically and offers big time quality control, customer service and warrantees including a money back guarantee

elevate duggout

Elevate’s one hit wood duggout

Nicest Dugout Ever!  – Elevate Accessories Wood Dugout with One Hitter

There are lots of reasons to want your weed paraphernalia to be stealthy.  Elevate Accessories has answered our prayers and given us one of the cutest little one hitter/ nug box combos on the market.  This thing is so small, you could stick it in your pocket or tuck it away in the palm of your hand.  I can’t tell you how many times a day there is some unwanted snooping in my purse.  My kids are looking for something, the security guard takes a peek as I walk out of a store, my mom is looking for my chap stick, I drop the entire contents of my purse out on the train while I struggle to lug my suitcases on or off, whatever the reason, it isn’t always a great time to announce to the world “Hey! I keep a one hitter and some cannabis with me at all times!”.  And that’s when stealthy paraphernalia comes in handy.

Potheads who are most partial to vaporizing are no stranger to the universe of stealthy blazing, but for us green herb combustors, our options are limited.  Sure your one hitter looks like a cigarette!  Until it drops on tile floor and makes a tiny metal “ping” sound.  That’s no fun.  Or your little blown glass nug jar with a cork top smashes on the train platform as your purse slides off the bench.  Anyway, I digress.  What I mean to impress upon you is this:  if you want to throw a pipe and some herb in your bag and head for town paranoia free – invest in an Elevate Accessories Wood Dugout.  No one who chances a glance will guess what’s inside.

Elevate accessories, based in Denver Colorado (where else), makes this sleek dugout out of tri-tone colored wood.  Inside it is a small “dugout” hole for your weed (or, as their website boasts, your tobacco), and a glass one hitter with a Wild Olivewood mouth piece.

My only complaint is that the dugout is a little deep and slightly inaccessible, so when you get to the end of your mini stash, you mind have a hard time getting it out.  If you happen to travel with a Swiss army knife, just bust out those little tweezers and problem solved.

For $90 it can be yours.  I know, it’s kind of expensive for a piece of wood and a little glass on hitter, but the plus side is that it’s made well, you won’t need to replace it (except maybe the glass one hitter), and the style and design are like no other.


celebration pipes2

Pipes worth Celebrating

Celebration Pipes, by far the most aesthetic way to puff

Celebration pipes are the most beautiful marijuana receptacles on the planet.  Celebration Pipes, are called that by their original creator, Steve, because he hopes that when marijuana is finally liberated, and his friends who are senselessly in jail over cannabis possession are freed from their jail cells, we will all celebrate (hopefully by puffing some kush in one of his lovely celebration pipes).

Celebration pipes are made of lava stoneware.  Lava stoneware is an invention of Steve’s.  It’s basically a composite of different ceramic clays coated with lava rock.  The bowls are attached and then the whole piece is fired, sanded and finished.  The finishings are really what make this bowl gorgeous.  He plates them with 22K gold, opal, platinum, black coral, and so many other beautiful natural finishers.  You can expect your celebration pipe to last you a life time.  The things are stupid sturdy.  And if you puff out of one of these stunning pieces, you’ll be in the company of Arrowsmith, Willie Nelson and a handful of other famous tokers who boast celebration pipes in their collection.

Steve has been making these pipes since 1973 as part of his home ceramic business which originally featured  mugs and bowls (not that kind silly!  The kind for cereal and stuff!).  Out there in the middle of the ocean, on Laie Point , North Shore Oahu, the Sunshine festival was coming to town, and Steve wanted a new product on his table.  The people at the Sunshine Festival couldn’t get enough of his Celebration Pipes, and within a year he was flying to the mainland with a batch of hundreds of pipes and a meeting with the owner of a brand new magazine High Times.  He ran a full page ad in the magazine, and voila, Celebration Pipes have been high marijuana fashion ever since.

But you don’t need to take my word for it.  One peak at Celebration Pipes online store and you will be hooked. You can get a shimmering gold piece for $139.00, not crazy considering that this thing will probably last you for life.  But I opted for the more feminine “Panama Red” which cost only $109.00 (with free domestic shipping!).  It arrived like a diamond ring.  Wrapped in a black velvet bag inside a jewelry box, this is like every pot-headess’ 10th anniversary dream gift.

A percentage of all purchases is donated to NORML (marijuana reformation lobby), aiding to free jailed marijuana “criminals”.



Best Portable Vaporizer – the Indica

Vaporizing marijuana is an increasingly popular form of getting high.  Vaporizing, using vaporizers such as The Indica, is a carcinogen free high, eliminating the potential risk of long term illness associated with smoking (combustion method).  But health is not the only reason to invest in a portable vaporizer.  Vaporizing is discrete, with no smell or smoke, you can vaporize just about anywhere and go unnoticed.  Additionally, vaporizing makes better use of the marijuana that you’ve already spent money on.  When vaporized, marijuana is 85% more potent than when smoked.  This means you use less bud to achieve the same high.  When you do the math on that, shelling out a few hundred dollars on a nice portable vaporizer seems like a money saver.  Here are some of the best options on the market.

The Indica Vaporizer

A truly amazing invention, the Indica vaporizer is barely larger than your keys.  It fits snugly in your pocket and looks just like a zippo lighter, sparing you the “what on earth is that” conversation.  About 3 inches tall, 2 inches wide and just under an inch deep, this vaporizer is about as discrete as it gets.  With a chamber capacity of .26grams+, you’ll get about 20-30 hits per chamber full.   A fully charged battery will last you up to 1.5 hours of nonstop use, or days of moderate use.  Check out their website at

MiniVAP Vaporizer

Next up is the miniVAP.  While larger and bulkier than the Indica, you can’t beat the technology of the miniVAP.  You will get the cleanest high, with unprecedented aroma and flavor.  The battery life is laughably long at 6 hours of continuous use due to the lithium ion battery.  The secret behind the miniVAP is laminar heat flow.  Only the miniVAP uses this technology which pulls the hot air in a constant even flow over the herb, giving the inhaler a consistent vaporization.  There is no doubt you will enjoy this vaporizer, but you will pay a price for it.  The miniVAP, at just over $500.00, is one of the more expensive pieces on the market.  They nice people at miniVAP do recognize that it is a great expense, and provide buyers with a comprehensive 3 year warranty.  The miniVAP does not resemble anything else that one would normally store in their pocket, which is, in my opinion, a downside. Check it out at

Atmos Transporter

The sleek, copper colored Atmos Transporter is designed to look like a flask, so make sure to tell your roommates or spouses to avoid pouring whisky all over it.  What can I say about the Atmos Transporter?  It’s a fine piece of equipment.  You’ll get  nice even flow of vapor without any shaking or fidgeting. The cost is great, at only $165.00 you’ll be vaping affordably.



The Pinnacle Pro DLX, the Ago G5 and the Dube 2

Best Multimode Vape Pens on the Market; The Pinnacle Pro DLX, The Ago G5 and The Dube 2

As vaporizer technology advances, more and more vape pens are hitting the market which can accommodate loose leaf cannabis as well as wax and oils.  In this review we will look at The Pinnacle Pro DLX, The Ago G5 and The Dube 2.  As stealthy vaporizing grows in popularity, the market is flooded with fly by night attempts at making an attractive, affordable pen.  The price we pay for so many options?  Quality.  Many of these affordable pens (in the double digits already!) won’t stand up to daily use.

The Best Multimode Vape Pens

We’ve compiled  a list of multimode pens that are worth it.  To fit our standards, a pen has to have a decent battery life.  Looking for a discreet place to charge up before getting high is not a fun way to spend your afternoon.  A decent battery life is an absolute necessity.  It’s also nice to have a heating element which gets hot quickly and stays hot for a while so that you can get nice, even hits exactly when you’re ready for them.  And, of course, it needs to be durable.  It’s shocking how many vaporizers can’t spend a whole day in your pocket without snapping in two.  And finally, to pass the test, a vaporizer needs to be easy to pack.  If you need reading glasses just to pack a single hit of weed, you need a new vaporizer.

The Pinnacle Pro DLX

This is no cheap vaporizer.  At $200, this is among the priciest of the multimode pens, and it doesn’t work with e-liquids.  And, in relative terms, the battery life is awful.

Pros: This vaporizer gets to 475F in under a minute!  In my opinion, this makes it worth the drawbacks.  It won’t break if it drops a few feet, even onto hard stone floors.  If water-cooled vaporizing is your thang, than this is without a doubt the right vape pen for you.  The tiny portable water pipe attachment is truly awesome.

The Ago G5

Cons: This guy will disassemble in your pocket in a manner of minutes.  The antiquated coiled wire heating elements heat unevenly and result in scorched buds.

Pros: This pen has an awesome LED display which shows you how much battery life remains and how many hits you’ve taken between charges.  If your primary concern is not getting stuck with a dead battery, this is definitely the pen for you.  And lastly, its only $40.

The Dube 2

Cons: This is NOT the pen you want if your into vaporizing actual green marijuana.  You probably won’t get more than 2 hits each time you pack it.  Who has the time for that?

Pros:  It’s $60 bucks and is by far and away the most easily concealable vaporizing pen I’ve used.  It’s tiny, and it holds up.

As you can see, it’s not easy to find a product that will fit all of your needs to the T.  You need to find out what the most important criteria are for you, and choose based on those criteria.

icebong cu

Icebong with Arm Tree Percolator – review

Consider the Icebong with HoneyComb Arm Tree Percolator

If you’re looking for a bong whose glass has a unique density providing structural integrity, and varied coefficients of thermal expansion, then the Icebong with HoneyComb & 2×10 Arm Tree Percolator is for you!  Not sure what the hell I’m talking about?  Allow me to explain.  This bong won’t break even though it can get really freaking hot (holding a lighter up to it while burning ganja), and really freaking cold (like packing it with ice).

Borosilicate Glass

That’s because the Icebong with HoneyComb & 2x 10-Arm Tree Percolator is made from  Borosilicate glass,  a sturdy, thick glass that can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking.  While many kinds of glass can withstand both the very hot and the very cold, not many kinds of glass can withstand both extremes simultaneously, as this bong’s functionality demands.  Basic silicate glass is made from sand, limestone and sodium carbonate.  Borosilicate glass is produced with those same ingredients but include boric oxide in the mix.

If your too high to care about these particulars, then simply hear this, this Icebong is seriously sturdy.  It feels nice and thick to hold and the beautiful beadwork that tops the piece provides an excellent grip so that you won’t easily drop this heavy bong.

The only structural drawback, in my opinion, is the thin bowl.  I’m not convinced it will hold up nearly as long as the bong itself.  It feels a little fragile.  Not to mention, it’s on the small side.  But, I’m quite certain that it is easily and affordably replaced, so worry not.

But enough about glass.  Let’s talk about the unbelievably smooth hit you’ll  get from the Icebong with its HoneyComb & 2x 10-Arm Tree Percolator.  You’ll get a truly gorgeous smoke cooled down by the tree percolator and the ice, with very minor drag for such a large percolator.

There is an undeniable satisfaction in watching this bong fill up.  Although I am partial to more colorful designs, there is no denying that this sleek, clear, seamless glass is an awesome thing to behold.  Fun to fill up, fun to clear out.

At around $225, this bong is certainly an investment.  Considering the cost, the bulk, and the connoisseurship required to appreciate it, I’d say this bong is not for novice puffers.  But if you are looking for a beautiful and unique addition to your collection, and cool healthy smoke is your thing, than this is the bong for you.  Whole- heartedly recommended.



Glass Pocket Pipe – Chameleon Steamroller

Best Steamroller Pipes – The Award Goes To The  Chameleon

Steamroller marijuana pipes are not for the weak. They are more or less a tractor with a enormous drum on the front and back ends, filled with liquid, and heated to a very high temperature, then driven over asphalt to flatten it – Just kidding!  It’s pipe for smoking weed!

The design, crafted to resemble the Native American “Chanupa”, features long hollow tubes with a bowl placed on top.  It supposedly resembles the wheel of a steamroller construction vehicle, but I’m not so into the name because, well, imagine how poorly a steamroller would drive if you stuck a bowl on it.  But I digress.  As I said before, steamrollers are not for the weak. Every hit is strong and powerful, and can be a little overwhelming which is apparently, part of the appeal.  Even though a steamroller is a tiny little thing, the hit you get will feel a lot like taking a hit off a waterless bong.

If you are new to steam rollers, you’ll need a brief introduction to technique.  Basically at one end you’ve got your mouth piece, and at the other, it’s more or less your carb hole.  Hold that shut while you’re puffing and once the pipe is filled with smoke, release your hand and inhale all of the smoke.

Spunky’s Glass Pipes is on online head shop where you can find sixteen different chameleon steamrollers to suit your exact style.  There is a plain clear glass one for the sleek reductionist within, the flower power for your inner hippie chic, the chiropractor for you skeleton buffs and oh so many more to let your individual freak flag fly while you get high.  But my personal fave is the one with little turtles on it.  What can I say? I’m a sucker for reptiles.

These guys are all on sale now, so if you look them up fast they’ll cost you anywhere between $11 and $50 depending on which one you choose.  They are made of thick sturdy glass and should be able to fall from about pocket height without breaking.

One nice thing about steamrollers is that if you are looking for a strong hit, but can’t lug your bong around with you all day, these things can fit clandestinely in your pocket.  If you feel most comfortable buying from a brand you already know, you can find really nice, simple, sturdy steamrollers at American Glassworks, Magic Glass, and G-Spot.