Vaporizer for the outdoors

The Vapium Summit

The Vapium Summit is like the official vaporizer for outdoorsman.  It’s practically sponsored by Cliff Bars or something.  Their whole thing is that it’s more like a part of your camping gear than it is a part of your secret stash drawer in your office desk.

It works in extreme temperatures, unlike other portable vaporizers.  So, theoretically, you could take the Summit skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, snow shoeing, ice picking, ice skating, ice fishing, cold water spelunking,  or just when you are out on a snow day building snowmen with your kids and you just want to get a whole new perspective on the experience.  So that’s one thing.

Another thing is the rubber grip.  I’ve never had a problem with handling my vape, but I suppose theoretically they could get slippery.  So if this has ever been an issue for you, and you’re sick and tired of dropping your slippery portable vaporizers, The Summit has it all worked out.

Perhaps one of the best features of the Summit is that for just $50 you can purchase their solar charger.  That pretty much makes this the only portable vape in the universe that you can take along with you for long camping trips or even week-long festivals.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this feature and I truly hope that other companies take note and follow suit.

Apropos your aforementioned spelunking habit, the whole thing comes in a very trustworthy dry bag in which you can store your Summit and additional accessories during underwater journeys.  Vapium really  is the outdoorsman’s vape company.

While no vaporizer is perfect, Vapium seems to have thought through some little details that make the Summit a nice piece to own.  For example, the oven door is connected to the body of the vape by a little piece of lanyard.  That way you never put it down and misplace it while packing your oven.  It’s got nice even heating, so you won’t find yourself opening up the oven for a stir midsession, which I’m sure you’ll appreciate.  They’ve got a pretty standard temp control system, one button for on/off and additional + and – buttons for raising or lowering respectively.

At just $149.00 I really think you’re getting an excellent product.  You’ll also notice that, unlikely many portable vapes in the same price range, the Summit produces really excellent tasting vapor.

Whether you’re an avid outdoorsmen or simply in the market for a good quality portable vape under $200, I highly recommend the Vapium Summit.



Oral Mucosal – Ingesting Marijuana

Marijuana Delivery System –  Oral Mucosal

You can smoke it, vape it, eat it, drop it under your tongue, drink it, rub it on and even bathe in it.  Cannabis works on your body in so many ways!  Each method for cannabis intake is referred to as a delivery system.  Let’s take a look at the most common delivery systems and how they work.

Oral Mucosal

Oral mucosal intake refers to the process of ingesting marijuana through the lining of your mouth, under your tongue, or on your tongue itself.  THC can be absorbed into your blood stream through all three of these regions, although the fastest of the three is sublingual (under the tongue).  You will start to feel high anywhere from between 15 minutes to an hour.

If you are used to smoking weed, ingesting weed is quite a different ball game.  When you smoke, you reach your maximum high within 5 – 15 minutes, giving you a chance to check in with yourself and determine if you’d like to keep smoking or ride the wave your currently surfing on.  With oral mucosal ingestion, you won’t really know how high you are until up to an hour post-ingestion.  This means you’ve got to learn to be patient.  Enjoy the slow ascension of your high and take additional doses only if you still want to intensify your experience after a careful assessment.

The most popular method of oral mucosal cannabis ingestion is through tinctures (alcohol extractions).  Since THC, CBD and other cannabinoids are alcohol soluble, they can be transferred into a high potency alcohol solution when cannabis is ground and left to infuse in the alcohol.  Marijuana Tinctures are taken by dropping 1-3 drops under the tongue.  It’s not exactly a fun, ritualistic or social way to get high, so it’s popularity is mostly confined to medical marijuana users.  Those who are unfortunate enough to have children who suffer from diseases such as epilepsy most commonly use tinctures as their delivery methods since placing a few drops under the tongue is perhaps the easiest way to deliver cannabis to their children.

You can, of course, pick up a marijuana tincture at your local dispensary, but if you are the DIY type, here’s a quick how-to:

  1. Add grain alcohol and ground cannabis to a glass jar at a ratio of 1-6 grams of completely dry cannabis to 35 mL of alcohol depending on your desired potency.
  2. Soak mixture for about 10 days, mixing it gently each day.  Strain the plant matter out of the alcohol, pour carefully into a light proof bottle with a dropper and store in a cool dark place forever.  Alcohol tinctures should never go rancid.



Nepal Glasspipes

Nepal Glasspipes – Support Nepal in Their Time of Need From within the Cannabis Community

If you never thought much about Nepal in the past, you probably do now.  I think it’s a poignant time to introduce you to Nepal Glasspipes dba Himalayan Handicrafts, a Nepalese glass blowing studio which specializes in marijuana smoking paraphernalia.

If you haven’t heard, Nepal was recently struck by a series of horrendously powerful earthquakes.  With the death toll in the thousands, and communication sparse, it is difficult to know whether or not Nepal Glasspipes is still operating.  But if they are, they could use our support now more than ever.  Those who haven’t been wiped out by the quake have been left homeless, hungry and jobless as nearly the entire country is in panic mode, scrambling to survive and maintain some semblance of “normal”.  The glass artists at Nepal Glasspipes dba Himalayan Handicrafts are no exception.

There are many things you can do to help the Nepalese people right now, including donating to any number of relief organizations.  Since we are stoners, we have a unique opportunity to both support some Nepalese artists in getting back on their feet, and getting something in return (other than brownie points).

It’s not just a good deed, the glass work of these artists is truly exquisite.  They use high quality borosilicate glass to create exotic eastern influenced cannabis paraphernalia.  Their water bongs feature wild curvaceous accents, and their chillums feature ornate delicate patterns.  Both are reminiscent of art you might find decorating a Hindu temple.

With designs emanating from the belly of the birthplace of the Buddha, if you are interested in devotional fine arts, this glass company won’t disappoint.

They offer COD shipping from Nepal all across the United States, but I won’t lie, their website is riddled with hard to understand Google translated information such as:

“We will reply you within 24 hours with detail, Then after receive your verification we will entertain that as an order receive. Order will conform only after receive the payment.”

The truth is, that while I cannot vouch for this company in particular, I can say that pretty much any money going to Nepal at this point is going for a good cause.  And if you happen to get some super beautiful glassware in the process, even better!  I myself wondered up and down the Thamel Market where their store front is many a time during my travels in The East, and the tragedies happening as we puff in our cozy lounge chairs are difficult to imagine.  So, even if you aren’t planning to order a new Nepalese bubbler, take a moment to send some prayers and good vibes their way.

CBD elixer

Dixie Elixir claims CBD industry farce

Dixie Elixirs’ Ex-Employee Claims Companies Products are a Farce

In 2013, the head of science for Dixie Botanicals, no longer working for the company, claimed that her company, and indeed the entire edible CBD industry, was largely a farce.

Marijuana is illegal in most states in America.  Even from legal state to legal state, shipping across state lines is still illegal.  So, if you are ordering “medicine” which claims to come from cannabis, but is legally shipped to you from one state to another, your product is likely not what it claims to be.  This fact is especially disturbing for those who are ordering CBD oil in hopes that it will cure their children of debilitating disorders.  Tamar Wise, head of Dixie Botanicals science department, made it clear that their CBD oils are actually just a “crude hemp paste”, hardly on the scale of true CBD medicinals such as Charlotte’s Web.

Tamar Wise, head of Dixie Science, posted this comment after leaving the company:

“I’m tired of so called CBD companies claiming that what they provide is medicine. Anyone using a CBD from hemp product please be aware of what you are actually getting because it is not what you think. These formulations start with a crude and dirty hemp paste (contaminated with microbial life! I have seen this and these organisms decompose the paste. The paste perhaps even contains residual solvent and other toxins as the extraction is done in CHINA) made in a process that actually renders it unfit for human consumption. What these companies are doing is criminal and dangerous. In fact MJNA’s RSHO is literally just this hemp paste diluted in hemp seed oil. No refinement at all!!! And what Dixie Botanicals is offering is beyond disturbing. I cannot keep quiet anymore. And since I formulated most of these products as head of Dixie Science, I feel responsible for spreading the truth. I left Dixie for ethical reasons but it is not enough to just walk away. These frauds need to be exposed for what they are. Look out for my tell all article coming soon and feel free to contact me directly with questions as it is time to blow the whistle. Let’s keep this industry pure and safe.”

Dixie Elixirs responded to Wise’s comments saying only:

“We are saddened that Ms. Wise has opted to now make slanderous allegations against Dixie Botanicals so long after her departure when none of these concerns ever came up during her term at Dixie,” the post said. “The company abides by strict confidentiality agreements designed to protect the privacy of the company, our employees and our customers. As a result we will not comment on this further and hope Ms. Wise honors these same agreements.”

Since the integrity of a company is a personal prerogative, and subsequent Dixie Elixir whistle blowers have not come forward, I cannot comment about whether the Dixie Elixirs company has changed its ways.  It is of course always possible that Wise’s comments were personally motivated and don’t reflect the truth.  But I am usually more inclined to trust the whistle blowers with nothing to lose, then a profit only company who doesn’t make much of an effort to set the story straight.


the airizer

Glass vaporizer- the Airizer

The Airizer Air Review

For those of you who have ADD and just want to know whether or not to buy Airizer’s newest model, Air, I’ll try to sum this up fast so you can move on.

Basically, if you have the solo, and you like it except that you think it’s too big, but have no other complaints, then you might want to invest in the Air.  It’s basically just a small Solo.

If you never drop things, and aren’t at all worried about having a delicate little glass mouthpiece which must be detached for storage and reattached for use, then you might want to invest in the Air.

If you don’t care so much about stealthy vaping, then the Air might be an option.  But if the idea of taking your vape out of a little case, attaching a (most likely dirty) glass mouthpiece and attaching it publically before getting high, then just stick with your firefly or whatever your vaping on right now.

Impartiality is not my greatest skill, and that’s ok for a paraphernalia reviewer.  Basically, I want to grab a small, pre-packed portable vape and throw it in my pocket.  I don’t want it to have any pieces with visible resin stains to show because the whole idea of a portable vaporizer (in my state anyway) is that every stranger on the street doesn’t realize that your actually smoking weed.  The Air kind of screams “paraphernalia” even to those estranged from the vaporizing craze.   Also, the fact that the mouthpiece has to be stored separately means that if anyone checks your pocket for any reason, this thing looks suspicious.  It’s only saving grace is that it more accurately duplicates the e-cigarette look than most portable vapes, so you could theoretically try to make the case that it’s not for weed.  But, if you packed a little nug in that little pouch, you’re out of luck.

However, if you are looking for a portable vape for your household, and  so therefore stealthiness is not your concern, it’s really not a bad vape.  If you just like to get high while cooking dinner, and you’re generally pretty careful with glass things, then you truly should consider the Air.  It has some nice features.  For one, you can use it while it’s charging.  Secondly, it has a battery which is easily switched out (as opposed to the Solo which you can only use after recharging), which is great if you are on the move and you want to be able to quickly switch out your battery.  And lastly, it has a nice temperature gradient, with 5 options.  This is nice.  I personally always use the middle setting on any vape, because I like to compromise on taste and vapor quantity and have the best of both worlds.

If I didn’t deter you too much, check out their website.