The Pinnacle Pro DLX, the Ago G5 and the Dube 2

Best Multimode Vape Pens on the Market; The Pinnacle Pro DLX, The Ago G5 and The Dube 2

As vaporizer technology advances, more and more vape pens are hitting the market which can accommodate loose leaf cannabis as well as wax and oils.  In this review we will look at The Pinnacle Pro DLX, The Ago G5 and The Dube 2.  As stealthy vaporizing grows in popularity, the market is flooded with fly by night attempts at making an attractive, affordable pen.  The price we pay for so many options?  Quality.  Many of these affordable pens (in the double digits already!) won’t stand up to daily use.

The Best Multimode Vape Pens

We’ve compiled  a list of multimode pens that are worth it.  To fit our standards, a pen has to have a decent battery life.  Looking for a discreet place to charge up before getting high is not a fun way to spend your afternoon.  A decent battery life is an absolute necessity.  It’s also nice to have a heating element which gets hot quickly and stays hot for a while so that you can get nice, even hits exactly when you’re ready for them.  And, of course, it needs to be durable.  It’s shocking how many vaporizers can’t spend a whole day in your pocket without snapping in two.  And finally, to pass the test, a vaporizer needs to be easy to pack.  If you need reading glasses just to pack a single hit of weed, you need a new vaporizer.

The Pinnacle Pro DLX

This is no cheap vaporizer.  At $200, this is among the priciest of the multimode pens, and it doesn’t work with e-liquids.  And, in relative terms, the battery life is awful.

Pros: This vaporizer gets to 475F in under a minute!  In my opinion, this makes it worth the drawbacks.  It won’t break if it drops a few feet, even onto hard stone floors.  If water-cooled vaporizing is your thang, than this is without a doubt the right vape pen for you.  The tiny portable water pipe attachment is truly awesome.

The Ago G5

Cons: This guy will disassemble in your pocket in a manner of minutes.  The antiquated coiled wire heating elements heat unevenly and result in scorched buds.

Pros: This pen has an awesome LED display which shows you how much battery life remains and how many hits you’ve taken between charges.  If your primary concern is not getting stuck with a dead battery, this is definitely the pen for you.  And lastly, its only $40.

The Dube 2

Cons: This is NOT the pen you want if your into vaporizing actual green marijuana.  You probably won’t get more than 2 hits each time you pack it.  Who has the time for that?

Pros:  It’s $60 bucks and is by far and away the most easily concealable vaporizing pen I’ve used.  It’s tiny, and it holds up.

As you can see, it’s not easy to find a product that will fit all of your needs to the T.  You need to find out what the most important criteria are for you, and choose based on those criteria.

icebong cu

Icebong with Arm Tree Percolator – review

Consider the Icebong with HoneyComb Arm Tree Percolator

If you’re looking for a bong whose glass has a unique density providing structural integrity, and varied coefficients of thermal expansion, then the Icebong with HoneyComb & 2×10 Arm Tree Percolator is for you!  Not sure what the hell I’m talking about?  Allow me to explain.  This bong won’t break even though it can get really freaking hot (holding a lighter up to it while burning ganja), and really freaking cold (like packing it with ice).

Borosilicate Glass

That’s because the Icebong with HoneyComb & 2x 10-Arm Tree Percolator is made from  Borosilicate glass,  a sturdy, thick glass that can withstand extreme temperatures without cracking.  While many kinds of glass can withstand both the very hot and the very cold, not many kinds of glass can withstand both extremes simultaneously, as this bong’s functionality demands.  Basic silicate glass is made from sand, limestone and sodium carbonate.  Borosilicate glass is produced with those same ingredients but include boric oxide in the mix.

If your too high to care about these particulars, then simply hear this, this Icebong is seriously sturdy.  It feels nice and thick to hold and the beautiful beadwork that tops the piece provides an excellent grip so that you won’t easily drop this heavy bong.

The only structural drawback, in my opinion, is the thin bowl.  I’m not convinced it will hold up nearly as long as the bong itself.  It feels a little fragile.  Not to mention, it’s on the small side.  But, I’m quite certain that it is easily and affordably replaced, so worry not.

But enough about glass.  Let’s talk about the unbelievably smooth hit you’ll  get from the Icebong with its HoneyComb & 2x 10-Arm Tree Percolator.  You’ll get a truly gorgeous smoke cooled down by the tree percolator and the ice, with very minor drag for such a large percolator.

There is an undeniable satisfaction in watching this bong fill up.  Although I am partial to more colorful designs, there is no denying that this sleek, clear, seamless glass is an awesome thing to behold.  Fun to fill up, fun to clear out.

At around $225, this bong is certainly an investment.  Considering the cost, the bulk, and the connoisseurship required to appreciate it, I’d say this bong is not for novice puffers.  But if you are looking for a beautiful and unique addition to your collection, and cool healthy smoke is your thing, than this is the bong for you.  Whole- heartedly recommended.



Glass Pocket Pipe – Chameleon Steamroller

Best Steamroller Pipes – The Award Goes To The  Chameleon

Steamroller marijuana pipes are not for the weak. They are more or less a tractor with a enormous drum on the front and back ends, filled with liquid, and heated to a very high temperature, then driven over asphalt to flatten it – Just kidding!  It’s pipe for smoking weed!

The design, crafted to resemble the Native American “Chanupa”, features long hollow tubes with a bowl placed on top.  It supposedly resembles the wheel of a steamroller construction vehicle, but I’m not so into the name because, well, imagine how poorly a steamroller would drive if you stuck a bowl on it.  But I digress.  As I said before, steamrollers are not for the weak. Every hit is strong and powerful, and can be a little overwhelming which is apparently, part of the appeal.  Even though a steamroller is a tiny little thing, the hit you get will feel a lot like taking a hit off a waterless bong.

If you are new to steam rollers, you’ll need a brief introduction to technique.  Basically at one end you’ve got your mouth piece, and at the other, it’s more or less your carb hole.  Hold that shut while you’re puffing and once the pipe is filled with smoke, release your hand and inhale all of the smoke.

Spunky’s Glass Pipes is on online head shop where you can find sixteen different chameleon steamrollers to suit your exact style.  There is a plain clear glass one for the sleek reductionist within, the flower power for your inner hippie chic, the chiropractor for you skeleton buffs and oh so many more to let your individual freak flag fly while you get high.  But my personal fave is the one with little turtles on it.  What can I say? I’m a sucker for reptiles.

These guys are all on sale now, so if you look them up fast they’ll cost you anywhere between $11 and $50 depending on which one you choose.  They are made of thick sturdy glass and should be able to fall from about pocket height without breaking.

One nice thing about steamrollers is that if you are looking for a strong hit, but can’t lug your bong around with you all day, these things can fit clandestinely in your pocket.  If you feel most comfortable buying from a brand you already know, you can find really nice, simple, sturdy steamrollers at American Glassworks, Magic Glass, and G-Spot.



The Herbalizer – Desktop Vaporizer

Best Desk Top Vaporizer; The Herbalizer

Portable vaporizer technology is improving all the time, but the hit you get from them could never compare to a desktop vaporizer.  The Herbalizer is one of the nicest high end desktop vaporizers I’ve sampled.  While it is big, it’s like the Apple of vaporizers with a smooth sleek design that doesn’t look ostentatious on your desk.  When I first saw it, I thought it might be something like the Amazon Echo.  It’s slim and round compared to other vaporizers which also gives it a modern look.  But don’t think The Herbalizer is only about style, the function on this guy is just as highly rated as the fashion.

The Herbalizer can be used either with a balloon or with a whip (a tube like inhalation device which sends you the vapor as it’s made, as opposed to the balloon which stores the vapor and then releases it through a valve on demand).

One feature which sets The Herbalizer apart is its super quick heat up time.  You don’t have to wait around for it to get hot once you turn it on, it’s almost immediate.  It has incredibly accurate temperature control.  For a lighter, maybe daytime, experience, The Herbalizer performs well at low temperatures.  For a thicker, heavier vapor, the functionality at higher temps is in no way sacrificed.

The herb chamber is small relative to other desktop vaporizers of this kind.  Depending on the kind of vaporizing experiences you are looking for, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The total amount of dry cannabis you can get in there is about .2 grams, which really is plenty, you won’t find yourself packing and repacking constantly like you would with a portable vaporizer.  You should be able to fill a balloon about three times with that much herb.

Here is a quick summary:


  • excellent quality vapor at all temperatures
  • quick heating
  • both whip and balloon options
  • great sleek appearance


  • Noisy cooling fans.  Sort of annoying, but not the biggest deal
  • Low quality balloons, barely last a month
  • Not so easy to keep clean
  • At just over $700 it’s a freaking fortune

If $700 is within your budget though, I highly recommend you give The Herbalizer a spin.  It’s an excellent quality vaporizer with a nice sturdy feel and top quality vapor.



Marijuana Bonfire Gets Town High

EntireTown Gets High as Police Burn 3.3 tons of Marijuana

Citizens of West Jakarta, Indonesia participated in the largest known contact high event on record as police burned a 3.3 ton pile of weed right outside the village.  Along with ecstasy and crystal meth, this pile of confiscated marijuana was about the size of an adult elephant and was publically lit ablaze to demonstrate a “major victory” in the war on drugs.  Soon, on site journalists and locals began reporting dizziness and intoxication.  A large wind scooped up this psychoactive cloud and wafted it lovingly into the windows of local residents.  Entire Town Gets High as Police Burn 3.3 Tons of Marijuana

It’s not like it’s not a well known fact that combustion is an effective way to release the psychoactive molecules in marijuana into the air, making them available to all who inhale said air.

Various on-site reporters demanded a glass of tea and somewhere to sit down and relax as the high got stronger.

Indonesia has very strict drug laws, one can even get the death penalty for drug related offences.  It is likely that this event was not found to be amusing by local authorities and that marijuana disposal methods will be reviewed in the very near future.

From across the ocean, police led weed bonfires may seem comical, but from up close, it is an entirely different story.

Take for example the 23 metric tons of marijuana that were burned by police in Lazarat, Albania.  Marijuana growth and sale, although illegal, were a primary source of income for many residents of Lazarat.  About 50% of all weed grown in Albania is grown in Lazarat.  A new socialist government  which had taken power the summer before, likely orchestrated the raid to impress the EU, with whom they were vying for recognition.

Albania, one of the poorest countries in Europe, has an unemployment rate of nearly eighteen percent.  While some Lazarat locals told reporters that they were happy to rid their town of drugs, they were at a loss now of how to put food on their tables.

“How will the people make a living?” wondered the village chief,  Aliko. “You tell me. This is the question everyone in Lazarat is asking himself.”

Lazarat had been like most tin-roofed albanian village towns, wrought with poverty.  The marijuana industry had turned Lazarat in to a lush green village with villas and luxury vehicles.

An unnamed man with an amused look on his face told reporters “We’re all Albanians, brothers. The state was always going to show up one day, and it did. It went on long enough, but everything must come to an end.”

One wonders if legalizing marijuana in Albania might be one step in solving their unemployment problem… Or if the marijuana might better have been distributed amongst those who suffer from chronic pain.  The world does seem to be turning in that direction.  But for now, the communal contact high of residents of West Jakarta feels like a small victory for all of us.



Beta-Caryophyllene – Cannabis in a pill

Beta-Caryophyllene; The Cannabinoid You May Have Been Waiting For

It’s no secret that Big Pharma likes things to come neatly in pill form, and marijuana is no exception. The  alternative world has embraced whole foods diets and whole foods medicine.  Marijuana, totally unprocessed, has the power to heal us from so many troubles;  physical, psychological and emotional. But what about those in need of a weed that won’t get them high?  For example, truck drivers who suffer from arthritis, or school teachers with muscular dystrophy.

Until recently, only synthetic products were available to ease their pain.  Drugs like Marinol are produced in a laboratory and distributed at high cost.  There are so many reasons why this is disappointing.  First of all, weed is a plant, that is one of the factors that makes weed so dear to us.  You can heal yourself with a seed, soil, sunlight and a little water.  Taking that freedom away from us and handing it over to the large medical industry is a loss of freedom. But what can we do?  Only they have the technology to create the medicine.

Two recent events have liberated high-free weed for the people.  One is an Israeli strain of bud which can be grown just like any other bud.  The “rafael” strain of weed is low THC high CBD.  One could theoretically obtain seeds and grow.

The second event is the discovery of an entirely new cannabinoid – Beta-Caryophyllene (BCP).  BCP is not unique to Cannabis sativa, it can be found in the essential oils of many grocery store plants like rosemary, black pepper and cloves.  It is also present, of course, in marijuana and hops.

BCP has been around for a long time.  It was first synthesized in the 1960’s.  Seven years ago BCP was found to be a cannabinoid by Swiss and German researchers.  This led to the discovery that BCP works specifically on CB2 cannabinoid pathways, the pathways that don’t get you high.  CB1 receptor pathways, those which, when activated cause psycho-active effects, are not at all effected by BCP.

CB2 selective cannabinoids have been the goal of scientists for a long time now.  Many do now exist and are used for patients with inflammatory diseases such as bladder cystitis, HIV- associated dementia, arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

In many cases the naturally occurring version of a compound is significantly more effective than its synthetic counterparts.  Mostly likely Beta-Caryophyllene is no exception.   Whether or not this fact is recognized by the pharmaceutical industry, hard science backs it up.  So the next time you need to treat yourself with CB2 selective cannabinoids, you can head straight to your local grocer.




Post Traumatic Stress Disorder eased by THC

Marijuana Found to be  a Powerful Drug for Easing PTSD

Marijuana has been found to be therapeutic for those suffering from PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  PTSD is a type of severe anxiety disorder following a traumatic event.  The most common association with PTSD is war veterans who witnessed atrocities in the battle field, but PTSD can afflict those who suffer any sort of trauma such as rape, witnessing a murder or suicide, and bystanders to violence of any kind.  What defines PTSD is not the type of trauma that occurred, but rather the resulting symptoms.

Currently, the drugs available for treating PTSD are highly addictive.  War veterans, the population most commonly treated with anti-PTSD drugs, are facing increasingly high rates of substance abuse and addiction.

More and more vets are turning to Cannabis to treat their crippling symptoms without the awful side effects of addictive medications.

An Israeli research team, including Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the discoverer of endogenous cannabinoid anandamide, found that  Δ9-THC is successful in easing symptoms of Post-traumatic stress disorder when orally administered.  This is likely because PTSD patients are found to have a decreased level of anandamides, an endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitter, and phyto-genic cannabinoids help restore the natural balance.  PTSD patients treated with Δ9-THC found an increase in sleep quality, a decrease in nightmares, and a decrease in overall symptom severity.

More and more states are adding PTSD as qualifying condition for medical marijuana. Among them Michigan, Nevada, Connecticut, California, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Oregon.

Israel’s Haifa University has had great success with using synthetic marijuana to preventing the onset of PTSD following a traumatic event.  “The findings of our study suggest that the connectivity within the brain’s fear circuit changes following trauma, and the administration of cannabinoids (synthetic marijuana) prevents this change from happening,” the researchers at Haifa’s Department of Psychology said in a press release.

Israel is a hothouse of marijuana research because of lenient policy.  There are no restrictions on marijuana research in Israel as there are in the United States.  But PTSD  also receives special attention at Israeli research centers because of its relevance to Israeli life.  Nearly 9% of Israelis suffer from PTSD, many of them combat soldiers or civilians exposed to terror attacks and rocket barrages.

Those who suffer from PTSD often experience in influx of symptoms due to “trauma reminders”.  A trauma reminder is something that simulates the original traumatic event.  For example, someone who was present at a shooting or bombing, may react strongly to a sudden loud noise.  The Haifa study found that in rats, inserting cannabinoids into the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex discontinued the effect of trauma reminders.  In other words, PTSD victims are spared the painful psychological replay of the original traumatic event when hearing or seeing a trigger of the event.  The relevance of the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex is their role in creating and storing traumatic memories.  More human research is needed, but this likely constitutes a preventative therapy for those who have just been through a traumatic event.



Drug testing for marijuana in workplace

With changes to the marijuana consumption laws in many states, drug testing for use of cannabis and marijuana in the workplace has become more common. But many people who work at jobs that don’t include driving, operating machinery or practical medicine, feel that they should be exempt from drug testing at work.  If marijuana use in your free time doesn’t impair your ability to function at work, then why should testing for cannabis be legal?  Unfortunately there is no test to evaluate whether your marijuana use is occurring during or after work hours and therefore employers have a right to test both randomly or based on suspicion.

The only way to legally refuse a drug test and maintain employment is if you can prove that you are being discriminated against.  In order to do this you must establish that other employees are not being tested as frequently and that the choice to test you was not randomized (i.e. you gave your employer no reason to suspect drug use and yet you are being tested more frequently).  Refusing to be drug tested can result in lawful termination.

Currently, there are no drugs that will lead to false positives for marijuana urine tests.  Even Marinol, the Schedule 3 FDA approved synthetic marijuana medication, can be identified in one subsequent test after an initial positive.  Unfortunately making excuses for false positives cannot be realistically backed up.

Even the use of medical marijuana in states where it is relevant does not excuse you from being tested or from showing up positive for cannabis use.  Because of marijuana’s federal classification as a Schedule 1 substance, an employer may legally terminate a prescription carrying marijuana user in a legalized state.  Hopefully laws will be amended to accommodate for legal medical users in the near future.

Your best bet for passing a drug test is to dilute your urine of TCH-COOH metabolites in the hours leading up to the test. Though there are many product on the market, as well as suggestions to take Vitamin C, vinegar, goldenseal or niacin before a urine test,  there is zero evidence that any of these products are effective and  it is best to avoid them.  As long as there are traces of THC in your body, you will continue to produce metabolites as you break down that THC.  Frequent urination will not slow the bodies metabolism and therefore “flushing” the system by diluting urine need only be done in the hours leading up to the test.  Days of flushing will do nothing to change your test results since your body continues to metabolize and produce byproducts, aka THC-COOH.

Several hours before your test, drink 2 quarts of water and attempt to urinate several times. You can use any mild diuretic such as coffee and cranberry juice to get things flowing.  Do not attempt to drink more than two quarts, while the THC-COOH in your urine will be reduced, so will everything else and your test will be considered invalid.  Two quarts of water should be enough of a minor dilution to help the occasional smoker be in the clear without invalidating the sample.


Woman Sleeping in Bed

Sleep Longer and deeper on weed

When I was in high school I got high all the time.  Weed was purely recreational.  At one point in time, in my early 20’s I had started getting sort of bummed out when I smoked and resorted to puffing only just before bed as a sleep aid.  Many people have found that a toke or two before bed can ease their transition into sleep.  Studies on the impact of marijuana on sleep date back to the early 70’s, making it one of the earliest subjects of interest in the field.  The endocannabinoid system, the body’s biological channels which are reactive to THC and other cannabinoids, is the system responsible for sleep regulation.  Healthy sleepers needn’t resort to pre-bed toking, but those who suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders may benefit greatly from the regulatory effects of marijuana on the sleep cycle.

Smoking Weed Reduces Falling Asleep Time

You’ve had nights like this, maybe many, where you lay in bed and get comfortable and then you start shifting and thinking and shifting some more.  Your mind begins to race.  You check the clock, you check it again.  You start adding up the total hours till you must wake to work, to feed the baby, to get to school, to be productive.  But how will you be productive on 5,4,3,2 hours of sleep?  If you find yourself in this place, a single hit of cannabis can reduce your falling asleep time by an hour!  A study in 1973 found that smoking a small amount of weed just before bed reduces falling asleep time by an average of one hour in patients suffering from severe insomnia.

A Small Dose Can Lengthen Overall Sleep Time

Some fall asleep fast, but wake restless in the night.   Research shows that while a large quantity of weed can increase restlessness and sleepless nights, a very small dose can increase the length and quality of sleep.  How is quality of sleep defined?  Small doses of pot increase the length of time one spends in long-wave sleep, also known as deep sleep or non-REM sleep.  This is the part of sleep which is most restful and rejuvenating.  People often report that they dream less when they puff frequently.   It is true that weed consumption reduces the length of REM sleep.  It is unlikely that weed users are not dreaming, but it is possible that we are dreaming slightly less.  Most likely, if you are experiencing deep quality sleep, you are less likely to wake after a dream, and therefore less likely to remember your dreams.

Sleep Tight

green juice

Cannabis; Drug, Medicine or Food?

Cannabis has many botanically oriented names; weed, bud, flower,   but what about vegetable?  The definition of a vegetable is both botanical and functional.  To be considered a vegetable a plant must be grown for consumption of the leaf (i.e. kale), root (i.e. beet) , stem (i.e. celery) or flower (i.e. artichoke).  Additionally, it must be suitable for consumption with a meal.

Do people ingest weed as they would a vegetable?  Typically not, but it could be a good idea to start.  In its raw form, THCA is not psychoactive.  Heat is required for turning THCA into THC.  Raw cannabis does not get you high.  Consuming raw marijuana is for health benefits only.  And there are many!

There are those who claim that the vegetable cannabis is best consumed in its raw form, as a juice.  Why would anyone choose to do this?  First of all, if you are consuming cannabis for medical reasons, drinking a juice is a more suitable way of taking medicinal cannabis in public.  Vaporizing in the work place is not yet common practice (depending on where you work), and isn’t safe to do while driving.  But a weed smoothie to go can come just about anywhere.  For health conscience weed users, eating is a healthier alternative  to smoking.

We rarely think of cannabis as a dietary supplement, but with new research coming out all the time citing marijuana as effective preventative medicine, it is becoming clear that regularly ingesting marijuana in its raw form can be an integral part of a healthy diet.  Raw marijuana is a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and contains miraculous neuro-protective properties.

Dr. William L. Courtney is the world’s leading advocate of raw cannabis.  He no longer refers to marijuana as “medical” but as a dietary essential, congruous to the 9 essential amino acids which the body requires to function.  His claim, which is backed up by research, is that marijuana aids the bodies regulatory systems.  Cannabinoids enable each cell in the body to operate optimally.  Cannabinoids regulate the functionality of immune cells (read: immune system boost).  Immune cells keep you healthy on a daily basis, fighting off viral, bacterial and other invasive pathogens, and they also inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

When you heat cannabis, you are walking away from a certain percentage of medical benefits.  When you smoke cannabis, you are walking away from 90% of its medical benefits.

So try a cannabis juice, and enjoy an invigorating green rush!